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At ErrandRunners, we provide an affordable solution to the chaos called Life.

About Our Company

Our History

For nine years, I sold Real Estate in Fulton, Missouri.  I worked long, crazy hours and always felt like I was behind at home.  My to do list was miles long. More than once my daughter would call and need something for school and I couldn't do anything to help her because I was with clients. I was stressed and overwhelmed. 

I finally decided to slow down and took another job only working a few hours a week, my daughter graduated and moved out of town.  I spent my time working on my list which has gone from 138 things to 5.  It felt good. 

Then I started helping others. I did all the things I had told them I would do when I had time. I cleaned flower beds for my mother, helped her move the living room to the family room and dusted those places that we all act like we don't see.  It felt good to help her.  Other aging family members would call and ask us to go to the store, get a box down from the attic or fix a stuck door.  I realized that I wasn't the only one that had a list of things that needed done, that sometimes everyone needs help, and that I enjoyed being able to help.  




Our Mission

Our goal is to make your life easier and allow you to reclaim your weekends. You work too hard to not enjoy some down time.


Other Resources

Our Facebook page is a great place to keep up to date with events around town and see what other local companies are up to. We also post recipes, garden tips and service specials. For more information on heirloom plants and vegetables, tea herbs, and seed starting, check out my blog. Links to both are at the top of the page and here. Thank you for taking your time to see what we are all about. Please call if you have any questions.

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Omg. Fabulous job. I am so so happy!!! THANK YOU”

by: Linda


ErrandRunners just did an awesome job taking our greyhounds for their afternoon constitutional and potty break. The dogs loved them and it was mutual. We would not trust just anybody with our babies and it was such a great feeling to know they would be taken care of and safe. Plus I got a full report afterwards, happy Papa. What a great service, Thank You! "

by: Brian